Giant 15-foot gator caught on video strolling across golf course

Manatee -- A familiar face -- err, set of teeth? -- was caught on video strolling along his home course again recently.

Cringeworthy moment woman in bikini falls off speeding moped

A road filled with motorcyclists quickly became a crash site after a scooter carrying a heavy load wiped out part of the pack, resulting in injuries.

‘That was really crazy’: Lamborghini rams a truck and occupants flee...

Last Saturday morning, a scene of chaos played out across the street from the 46 St Super Market, at 695 NW 46th St., in Miami.

Florida deputies bust 7 men in child sex sting; 1 claims...

Seven men, including a former Elks Youth Camp counselor and a barber who claimed he just wanted to see what an undercover sex sting was like, were arrested after they showed up expecting sex with a child and instead found handcuffs and Volusia County Sheriff's Office deputies, investigators said.

Driver miraculously walks away unharmed after plywood slices through windshield on...

There's a reason message boards across the state warn drivers to secure their loads -- loose loads can lead to flying projectiles.

Man shot after triggering his own booby trap while feeding squirrels

A 68-year-old man accidentally shot himself with a gun rigged at his back door.

Tennessee father run over by lawn mower after trying to attack...

A Tennessee father is facing an attempted murder charge after he tried to attack his son with a chainsaw.

Bodies of 11 infants found hidden in ceiling of closed funeral...

DETROIT -- The badly decomposed bodies of 11 infants were found hidden in a compartment inside the ceiling of the long-closed Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit.

Police officers use their lunch to lure giant pig wandering around...

A trail of Doritos potato chips helped lure a runaway pig "the size of a mini-horse" home in California, according to a San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department post on Instagram.