Family finds someone broke into their home to steal toilet paper,...

Lindsay Duplinsky went for a walk recently with her family and their dog, and when they got home, they saw the back door was open.

Woman sprayed Walmart cashier in eyes with Lysol after being told...

A woman is accused of spraying a Leicester Walmart employee in the eyes with Lysol disinfectant after being told there was a limit on the number of cans of the cleaning agent she could buy, police said.

Alligator strolls through empty South Carolina shopping center amid stay sheltered...

Emboldened alligators are asserting themselves along the South Carolina coast as humans stay sheltered from the coronavirus pandemic.

Malayan tiger at Bronx Zoo tested positive for coronavirus

Federal officials confirmed a tiger at the Bronx Zoo tested positive for COVID-19, the first known instance of a tiger being infected with the virus.

Detroit driver dies from coronavirus after posting video about passenger openly...

A Detroit bus driver, who complained - and warned - in a Facebook video post about the dangers of the coronavirus has died.

WWII veteran who survived Spanish Flu celebrates his 104th birthday, recovery...

An Oregon man is celebrating his recovery from the coronavirus. What makes it more astonishing is he just turned 104-years-old.

Oprah donates $10 million to assist in coronavirus relief

Oprah Winfrey announced Thursday on social media, that she is donating $1 million to America’s Food Fund to support those facing food insecurity. The pledge is part of an overall $10 million donation to help Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

Boston police officer buys groceries for single mom of 3 in...

Three kids and their mom won't have to have empty cupboards during the coronavirus crisis after a new Boston police officer picked up their bill at the grocery store.

Florida man arrested after spraying bottle of ‘COVID-19’ on business doors

A northeast Florida man is accused of spraying the doors of a pet store with a container labeled "COVID-19," according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

FBI captures Bad Wig Bandit’ end the alleged bank robbers streak

The FBI said Tuesday that a suspect in a string of bank robberies, including incidents earlier this year in Gastonia and Belmont, is in custody in Georgia.