Police officers left in awe after skateboarder pulls off wild move

A savvy skateboarder impressed police officers after he performed an amazing trick on camera.

Football fan with sign asking for beer money goes viral, raises...

A college football fan who went viral after waving a sign requesting beer money on TV has reportedly raised more than $1 million for an Iowa children's hospital.

2 Amish men flee from deputies after buggy pulled over with...

Two Amish men ran into the woods while their horse and buggy continued down the road when deputies pull them over.

Mister Rogers is the new ‘sexy’ costume for Halloween this year

Fred Rogers is a national icon, a symbol of decency, kindness and wholesomeness that has inspired thousands of people.

Black panther spotted pawing over rooftops in France

A black panther pawing its way over rooftops in France was pictured perched high above the streets Wednesday before the animal was eventually put to sleep and placed in a cage.

Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski throws out the first pitch to...

Mike Yastrzemski isn’t wearing a Red Sox uniform, but has felt right at home at Fenway Park.

Officer saves young man attempting to jump off bridge at the...

Sheriff Tom Spangler would like to commend our very own TANGO ”Traffic Unit” Officer, Brian Rehg for his efforts in saving the life of a young man that attempted to jump off a bridge on Pleasant Ridge Road.

Delta pilot suspected of being drunk before attempting to fly moments...

A Delta Air Lines pilot suspected of being intoxicated was removed from a flight moments before takeoff Tuesday.

Video of 3rd-grader practicing indoor field goal goes viral

A video an Ohio physical education teacher posted on his Twitter account has gone viral.

Driver charged with DUI after drinking ‘2, 3 beers’ and plowing...

A man behind the wheel of a pickup truck was impaired when the vehicle slammed into and through the front of a gas station's convenience store, Fort Lauderdale police said.