Louisiana deputy, choir students go viral after he accompanies them on...

A school resource officer at a Louisiana high school is connecting with students through the art of music.

Woman reels in 15ft shark with a fishing rod

Fisherwoman Charlene Dillon, 30, reeled in the 15ft shark using a lightweight rod and line.

Man caught sexually assaulting patient in coma apprehended

A 62-year-old man has been busted for a sex attack on an unconscious senior citizen inside her room at a Bronx hospital, police said Thursday.

Mom hands out “Free Ass Kicking” tickets to classroom of students...

And now she's banned from the school.

Officials try to put a stop to church using marijuana as...

Madison officials are seeking to stop two men from distributing marijuana from a storefront Rastafarian church Downtown, but the operators maintain the activity is religion-based and they say they will continue the practice.

Video shows window washer basket swinging violently at top of Oklahoma...

Two window washers were in a lift basket at the top of Oklahoma's tallest building when it began swinging wildly out of control, the Oklahoma City Fire Department tweeted.

Man arrested after police find wife’s body in car’s passenger seat

Police said Rodney Puckett, 70, of Oklahoma did not let his wife's death stop him from continuing with their multi-state road trip as he strapped her body into his car's passenger seat and kept driving.

Mother goes back into burning apartment for her 2 children

A mother and two of her children died in a Town 'N Country apartment fire early.

Dubai police adds Maserati sports car to ‘Luxurious Patrol Fleet’

There's a new sports car in the Dubai Police's patrol fleet: The iconic GranTurismo of luxury Italian automaker Maserati.

Drunk 12-year-old lead cops on high-speed chase, charged with DWI after...

Police in New Mexico arrested a drunk 12-year-old girl after she led them on a high-speed chase with three other kids in the car.