Tennessee police warn against flushing drugs to prevent ‘meth-gators’

Tennessee police arrested a man after he allegedly tried to flush a dozen grams of drugs down his toilet, something police jokingly said could create "meth-gators" in Alabama.

Maine police officer goes viral with the ‘Git Up’ challenge

Maine Police Officer Eze VanBuckley showed off his slick dance moves by taking part in the ‘Git Up’ challenge.

Woman wanted for attempted murder comments on her own mugshot: ‘That...

An woman who is a suspect in an attempted second-degree murder in St. Martin Parish had a few words for deputies regarding the photo of her they shared on Facebook.

More than 400,000 planning to storm Area 51 to ‘see them...

More than 400,000 Facebook users have said they will attend a prank event with plans to storm Area 51.

Mom arrested after video of daughter licking tongue depressor, putting it...

A Jacksonville mother was arrested and charged with a felony on Thursday after her daughter reportedly licked a tongue depressor and put it back with the other supplies at a Jacksonville doctor's office.

Alleged drunk driver arrested after he crashes car, climbs out of...

A Rock Island man with a long criminal history found himself in trouble with Johnson County, Iowa, authorities Sunday after he allegedly crashed his pickup into a ditch while driving drunk and then climbed out of the ditch holding a beer.

Dogs have standoff with bear in their backyard

A pair of dogs in Pasadena, California, are far from intimidated any time they’re faced with a bear.

People return thousands of dollars to police after armored truck spilled...

Maybe it's guilt, or fear of prosecution, but cash taken from an armored truck spill on I-285 is slowly trickling into the Dunwoody Police Department.

Cactus slices through car windshield in crash

A Tucson driver got into a prickly situation Wednesday morning after striking a saguaro in the Catalina Foothills area, causing it to crash through the car's windshield, officials say.

Mom arrested after driving with kids in inflatable pool on top...

A woman was arrested Tuesday after she was seen driving her SUV with her two children in an inflatable pool on the roof of the vehicle, according to police.