Florida man asks officer to help start scooter he was trying...

Clearwater — The scooter wouldn’t start, so, police say, Raymond Millwater asked an officer for a screwdriver. Turns out, it wasn't the best idea. According to...

Man faked heart attack to help accomplice rob store

Malden police are asking for the public's help identifying two men who robbed a store after one of them allegedly faked a heart attack.

Brawl between parents break out during kids little league game

Parents at a baseball game being played by 7-year-olds got into a violent brawl, apparently over a call by the 13-year-old umpire, Lakewood police reported.

Police rescue meth fed ‘attack squirrel’ from drug bust

An "attack squirrel" was rescued when sheriff's deputies seized methamphetamine, ammunition and more at a north Alabama home during a Monday drug bust, authorities said.

11-year-old uses machete to stop intruder from theft

Braydon Smith had a $30 gift card to spend as he was walking down an aisle at Academy Sports + Outdoors and saw an ax and a machete.

PE teacher accused of sexually abusing, grooming 28 first-grade girls

A former Springboro teacher was indicted on 36 counts of gross sexual imposition involving 28 students, according to the Warren County Prosecutor's Office.

Florida man arrested after stealing pool floats claims he intended to...

Trust us, you don't want to envision the logistics of this one.

Florida man thought he purchased villa for $9K, got $50 strip...

Kerville Holness thought he'd done a great job snapping up a $177,000 Tamarac villa for only $9,100.

Alligator with knife stuck in the top of its head spotted...

Somewhere in a lake in South Texas is a gator with a knife in its head, and the residents of Orchard Lake Estates are not pleased.

Florida man caught robbing home brought 4-year-old along

An Edgewater man was arrested Friday after taking a 4-year-old girl with him on a string of burglaries, one in which he made her snatch an iPod touch from a vehicle, an official said.