Girls fight off naked intruder who interrupted sleepover, assaulted them

A 26-year-old Fresno man has been arrested on suspicion of breaking into a Clovis home and allegedly assaulting two 10-year-old girls who were having a slumber party.

Oklahoma trooper and Special Olympics athlete bust a move in dance...

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper and a Special Olympics athlete held a dance off in Stillwater, Oklahoma, during the state’s Summer Games dance.

Man gets ticket, license suspended for car so filthy it was...

A slovenly motorist was fined by police for driving a car was so badly littered that it was "dangerous" to operate.

Lion-hearted baby faces up to cougar at the San Diego Zoo

Ten-month-old baby Scarlette's first time at the Zoo before her Dada deployed for 7-8 months.

Louisiana deputy, choir students go viral after he accompanies them on...

A school resource officer at a Louisiana high school is connecting with students through the art of music.

Woman reels in 15ft shark with a fishing rod

Fisherwoman Charlene Dillon, 30, reeled in the 15ft shark using a lightweight rod and line.

Man caught sexually assaulting patient in coma apprehended

A 62-year-old man has been busted for a sex attack on an unconscious senior citizen inside her room at a Bronx hospital, police said Thursday.

Mom hands out “Free Ass Kicking” tickets to classroom of students...

And now she's banned from the school.

Officials try to put a stop to church using marijuana as...

Madison officials are seeking to stop two men from distributing marijuana from a storefront Rastafarian church Downtown, but the operators maintain the activity is religion-based and they say they will continue the practice.

Video shows window washer basket swinging violently at top of Oklahoma...

Two window washers were in a lift basket at the top of Oklahoma's tallest building when it began swinging wildly out of control, the Oklahoma City Fire Department tweeted.