Florida man caught robbing home brought 4-year-old along

An Edgewater man was arrested Friday after taking a 4-year-old girl with him on a string of burglaries, one in which he made her snatch an iPod touch from a vehicle, an official said.

$110K falls from woman’s dress, panties as she’s arrested for DUI...

The driver was loaded and the crowd was plowed.

Police officer talks man out of jumping off overpass by offering...

A police officer in Chandler, Arizona, was praised for his compassion for talking a suicidal man off a bridge and hugging him.

Teen claims laced marijuana for throwing baby in parking lot

Police are asking the public to come forward with information on anyone who is distributing marijuana laced with other drugs. A teenage boy who is facing assault charges, reported to police that he smoked a joint dipped in a hallucinogen, said Jenny Wagnon, Edmond Police spokeswoman.

Woman pumping gas jumps through car window to hinder would-be thieves

While pumping gas, police recommend to keep your car doors locked to prevent someone from opening one while you aren't looking and stealing your stuff.

Grocery store shaming customers by handing out ’embarrassing’ plastic bags

One Canadian grocery story has come up with a pretty ingenious way of discouraging its customers from using plastic bags: shame.

Police stop driver with phone strapped to steering wheel to get...

A man was pulled over by New South Wales Police in Sydney’s western suburbs on Friday, June 9, and issued with 24 demerit points, when police observed a mobile phone had been attached to his steering wheel to display cricket updates.

Family lets pet alligator do the honors at gender reveal

When the Wright family decided to share the gender of their baby, they planned a very Florida reveal party.

Delta saves the day for 41 fifth graders left stranded after...

When a group of 41 fifth graders and their chaperones on their way to a school trip had their flights canceled at Oklahoma City's Will Rogers World Airport, Delta Air Lines gate agents stepped in to save the day.

Police kicked Texas mom out of local pool for breastfeeding

A mother said she was removed from a public pool in Texas City because she was breastfeeding her 10-month-old son.