‘Poop tornado’ wreaks havoc on Massachusetts homes

Residents of four homes on Brazil Street flooded by backed-up sewage on Thursday, June 20 have had to find other accommodations for themselves, their pets, and whatever personal belongings they could salvage.

‘Armed and dangerous’ woman sought in killing of 8-year-old, stepfather

A woman who police say is "armed and dangerous" is being sought in connection with the fatal shooting of her 8-year-old daughter and her stepfather and the wounding of her mother.

Bear locks itself in home, takes a nap in closet

Maybe he was looking for the bed that was "not too hard," and "not too soft."

Florida man throws his feces at Miami judge during trial, gets...

A Miami criminal trial was delayed briefly Friday when the accused man defecated and "cast feces" inside the courtroom before closing arguments were set to begin in his burglary trial, officials said.

Cam Newton gets rejected after offering $1,500 to switch seats with...

At 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds, flying commercial is tough enough for a professional athlete like Cam Newton, much less sitting in tight quarters for 10 hours with long legs.

Vet finds 19 pacifiers inside bulldog’s stomach

The case of the missing binkies was solved by a veterinarian in Massachusetts this month.

Huge spider caught on camera eating a possum

Spiders around the world have been making a splash with their frightfully huge meals.

Couple’s hilarious gender reveal fail goes viral

Parker Stuard and his girlfriend Micah were excited to share the gender of their baby with family and friends.

Florida city agrees to pay $600,000 bitcoin ransom to regain data...

At an unannounced special meeting Tuesday night, the Riviera Beach City Council authorized the city's insurer to pay nearly $600,000 worth of ransom to regain access to data walled off through an attack on the city's computer systems.

Flight forced to make emergency landing due to drunk, violent passenger

A jetliner traveling from Pittsburgh to Dallas on Sunday night made an emergency landing in Oklahoma City after a man acted aggressively toward passengers and crew members, according to authorities.