Man dies after vehicle that he allegedly was trying to steal...

A man died Friday after a car he was under fell on him in downtown Kansas City, police said.

NICU nurse who cared for premature baby over 30 years ago...

When David Caldwell pulled his own baby book out from storage, a week after his son Zayne was born, he never expected to see a familiar face in the old photo: his son’s NICU nurse.

US soldiers fighting to keep virus from base in South Korea

U.S. soldiers wearing face masks and gloves wielded thermometers instead of guns as the military fought to keep a deadly virus from spreading to this base in the middle of South Korea's hardest-hit area.

Florida teacher suspended for washing out student’s mouth with hand sanitizer

A Polo Park Middle School science teacher has been suspended for 10 days after an investigation found she put hand sanitizer in the mouth of a misbehaving student.

Terrier rocks crying baby back to sleep

It is said that the dog is man's best friend, and the truth is that a beloved and well-educated dog creates a very strong bond with all members of the family, including children and even babies.

New mom on the way home from NICU saves man from...

Holly McNally and her mother were on the way home from the NICU Thursday afternoon when McNally said she spotted a man running on the exit ramp to I-70.

Bullied boy with dwarfism gets nearly $200,000 raised on his behalf...

A video posted of a young Australian boy with dwarfism crying moments after he had been bullied at school has brought an outpouring of support, including from celebrities and sports teams.

Family dog follows 3-year-old who wandered into the woods, ‘protected’ child...

A loyal family dog is credited with keeping a lost 3 year old safe in the woods of northern Florida on Tuesday -- even to the point of confronting strangers who tried approaching the boy, deputies say.

Hero crossing guard, 88, hit and killed protecting 2 students

An 88-year-old crossing guard was protecting children when he was hit and killed by a vehicle on Tuesday morning, according to several reports.

Jars of human remains, tongues found under Florida home

At least six jars of preserved human remains, mainly tongues, were found under a home in Gainesville on Monday afternoon, according to police.