Wild sex parties upsetting residents of upscale neighborhood

An upscale Colorado neighborhood is being rocked by wild sex parties hosted in a home within the well-off community.

13-year-old broke into locked gun cabinet, killed younger brother

The man seemed to do almost everything right to keep his guns out of the wrong hands.

Man couldn’t get service at Walmart. Consumers appreciate what he did...

It's an issue many shoppers have faced -- needing assistance at a Walmart with no store clerks in sight. What Lawrenceburg native Forrest Hunter did next seems to have inspired the masses.

‘Cowboy’ wrestles gun away from man holding up butcher shop

A man in a cowboy hat tackled an armed robbery suspect who appeared to be holding up a butcher shop in Monterrey, Mexico, prompting the suspect to drop the weapon.

Trucks form line under Michigan overpass to prevent suicide

OAK PARK, Michigan -- A group of truck drivers teamed with the Michigan State Police early Tuesday morning, forming a line with their rigs under an interstate overpass to help prevent a suicide.

Minnesota police department wins Twitter again with hilarious 4/20 tweet

The Wyoming, Minn., Police Department is at it again with its comical tweets. In just a few hours, the quick-witted officers received thousands of...

One Sweet Apology: Officer says sorry for tasing firefighter with homemade...

An Ohio police officer had to bake up an apology for a Hamilton Township firefighter on Saturday after she mistakenly tased him last week.

Teens playing basketball stop game, kneel for funeral procession

A photo of a group of teens kneeling on a basketball court for a funeral procession in Louisiana is going viral today after a passer-by posted it to Facebook.

Wounded veteran receives world’s first total penis and scrotum transplant

Doctors at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine said a U.S. military sergeant has received the world's first total penis and scrotum transplant.



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