Security camera captures lightning bolt nearly striking man in the head

A man walking through a school campus in Conway, South Carolina, was nearly hit by lightning, local media reported.

Man cuts his hair for the first time in 15 years...

Before he can ship out, he needed to get a shape up.

Alligator swims through traffic on flooded street, towards driver

A Florida man was caught by surprise when an alligator swam towards his car on a flooded street in Saint Petersburg.

Florida man dumps dirt on ex – and her car –...

A 20-year-old Crestview man used a front-end loader to dump dirt on his girlfriend's car while she was inside Thursday.

Pennsylvania couple faked pregnancy, birth and death of newborn baby to...

A Somerset couple is facing charges after they allegedly faked a pregnancy and then the death of a newborn baby and collected almost $600 in donations for funeral costs and gifts , state police said.

Judge causes outrage for releasing man accused of attacking tenant outside...

The man accused of attacking a woman outside her Embarcadero apartment early Sunday morning, supposedly to save her from robots taking over the world, has been released pending his trial next month.

Police shut down 30-cent gas promo in LA after it snarled...

The Santa Monica Police Department put the kibosh on an Amazon "Maisel Day " promotion that attracted throngs of drivers who wanted gas at 30 cents a gallon, but ended up snarling traffic on Cloverfield Boulevard and the 10 Freeway for several hours Thursday.

Footage of clumsy ‘Bobcat burglar’ seems more like bloopers than robbery

Police in Columbus, Ohio, are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a man they’ve named the “Bobcat burglar.”

Police answering battery call discover man was force-feeding cat meth

Police say an animal cruelty charge has reached felony status for a Las Cruces man accused of force-feeding his cat methamphetamine -- abuse discovered as part of a domestic violence, animal abuse case that was opened in June.

Officers release ‘bandit’ trapped in school’s snack vending machine

He wore a bandit's mask and was caught with the goods. And, oh yea, the suspect had four legs and a furry brush tail.