Man taken to jail after trying to fix flat tires with...

A 26-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of drugs Tuesday morning after sheriff's deputies found him trying to patch the tires of a minivan using gauze and Band-Aids, authorities said.

Former pastor embezzled nearly $100,000 from Catholic church to pay for...

The former pastor of a Catholic parish in Chester County was arrested Wednesday after authorities alleged he stole nearly $100,000 from the church to support a lifestyle that included a beach home in New Jersey and spending on men with whom he had sexual relationships.

UPS deliveryman cuddles up with dogs on his route for selfies

Staci Burns from Athens, Louisiana is the owner of this heartwarming video and says that the friendly neighborhood UPS delivery guy, who goes by the name Doniel Kidd, always makes time for a selfie with her dogs.

Horrifying moment furry spider spotted living inside woman’s ear canal

This is the skin-crawling moment a tiny spider was found living inside a woman’s ear.

Florida man arrested after performing botched castration on man that he...

In the latest installment of near-unimaginable Florida news, a 74-year-old Sebring man has been arrested for allegedly performing a botched castration surgery on another man he’d met online through a fetish website, deputies said Tuesday.

New York jogger caught on video walking off barefoot after giving...

A man running in lower Manhattan took off his shoes and gave them to a man sitting on the sidewalk, an eyewitness said.

Child stabs man with scissors to stop him from beating mom

A Florida man was arrested for beating a woman in front of her two children, one of which took to defending his mother with a pair of scissors, according to a report by WFLA.

Massachusetts police pay a visit to sick boy stuck inside

Quincy police officers are going out of their way to pay special visits to the window of their fellow officer's 3-year-old son, who is stuck inside in isolation as he battles brain cancer.

Security camera captures lightning bolt nearly striking man in the head

A man walking through a school campus in Conway, South Carolina, was nearly hit by lightning, local media reported.

Man cuts his hair for the first time in 15 years...

Before he can ship out, he needed to get a shape up.