Hero bus driver rushed to save underdressed siblings, age 2 and...

It happened in a flash, but if it weren't for the sharp eyes of a Wisconsin bus driver, two children might have gotten frostbite -- or worse.

Man awarded $2M after he went in for a circumcision and...

A 38-year old Burmese man who went into a Des Moines, Iowa, hospital for a circumcision and was given a vasectomy instead has been awarded $2 million by a jury.

Bucket of ‘hot diarrhea’ poured on woman by a homeless man...

A Los Angeles woman's life was forever changed when a homeless man dumped a teeming bucket of runny feces over her head in Los Angeles in the summer.

School bus driver arrested for DUI after crash with children aboard

A school bus driver in Oregon was under the influence of booze or drugs when he crashed the bus with 10 kids on board Wednesday, authorities said.

Texas shelter cat “repeatedly” breaks friends out of lockup, gets sent...

A feisty feline that busted its peeps out of cushy kitty lockup and got slammed into solitary by their keepers is the internet's new "fero."

K-9 officer stays on the job while fighting Lymphoma

A substitute teacher was fired and faces an assault charge after being caught on video beating a 16-year-old student in a Texas high school classroom, authorities said.

Alex Trebek gets choked up by contestant’s answer in tournament final

Dhruv Gaur, the Brown University student competing in the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions, was eliminated in the episode that aired Monday, but he showed the heart of a champion by the way he lost.

Alabama deputies help disabled veteran with oxygen tank hitchhiking to doctor’s...

Law enforcement from four counties came together this week to make sure a disabled veteran didn’t have to walk to his doctor’s appointment.

Florida deputies prevent distraught teen from jumping off parking garage

A group of Florida deputies and police officers were able to bring a teenager back from the edge Thursday after he was considering jumping off the top of a parking garage in DeLand, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.