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10-year-old wins science fair, goes viral when he “proves” Tom Brady is a cheater


Tom Brady is a cheater. It has to be true because it has been proven scientifically.

You see, last week was science fair time at Millcreek Elementary School in Lexington, Ky. You remember science fairs. For me, it involved waiting until the last minute and not understanding how I didn’t win.

For 10-year-old Ace Davis, it involved his least favorite athlete: New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Davis used the “Deflategate” scandal as evidence, graphing his own accuracy and distance throwing a football, as well as his mother’s and sister’s, while using properly inflated balls and balls that were under-inflated. He concluded that it’s better to have a under-inflated ball.

Davis won the science fair and will now go to the district finals.

But why pick on Brady? Why not just build a volcano like everyone else?

“Because I hate Tom Brady, he’s been accused of cheating before; I want him to be caught,” Davis told Draft Diamonds.

So there you have it, because nothing is more accurate than a 10-year-old scientist.

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