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6-foot snake discovered living inside Kansas family’s couch



You’ve got snakes on a plane. And you’ve got loose change in the sofa. But rarely do the two combine.

However this is exactly what happened to a Kansas family Tuesday in Rose Hill — about 18 miles southeast of Wichita — who found a snake in their living-room couch.

It’s not something one sees every day, for sure.

“This morning, we were asked by Rose Hill PD for assistance with an unusual call in Rose Hill,” the Butler County Fire District #3 said in a statement on Facebook. “A citizen called 911 and reported finding a six foot boa constrictor in their living room couch! Yikes!”

You know it’s bad when the fire department says “Yikes.”

Luckily the department’s “resident snake charmer, Deputy Fire Chief Linot,” was able to wrangle the reptile, fire officials said in their post, entreating anyone who is “missing a snake” to contact them and pick it up.

While such a find is rare, it happens more often than one might think. A quick search turned up several sofa snakes in the past few years alone. In 2009, two 7-year-old Brooklyn boys found a 4.5-foot-long boa in their couch cushions. Then there was the Michigan woman who dumpster-dove and picked up a street sofa, only to learn it was already taken — by a boa. And in 2014 a couple who had just moved into a new place on Long Island found a 3-foot python in their sofa, reported CNN at the time, left unwittingly by the previous tenant, who had lost it and forgot.

How the Kansas boa found its way to this particular sofa is a mystery, since the residents had lived there for four years and never owned a snake, reported WDAF-TV.

Hundreds of people reacted to the fire department’s post — from people offering a home, to more honest, visceral declarations, such as, “More than my couch would need to be changed if this was found in my house,” and, “There’d be a brown snake on the floor where I was standing if I woke up to that on the couch.”

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