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Burglar arrested after going back for seconds tells TV reporter ‘Go Eagles’


Everyone is excited about the Eagles heading into the playoffs this weekend. Even alleged burglars.

A man arrested for allegedly attempting to steal guitars from a music store in northeastern Pennsylvania had one thing to say to a television crew before officers put him in the back of their police car: “Go Eagles.”

Dale Sourbeck, a 49-year-old Luzerne County resident, was arrested early Thursday morning after officers caught him attempting to steal guitars from Rock Street Music in Pittston, WNEP reported.

Officers said they were able to track Sourbeck down because surveillance footage from the store caught a clear shot of his license plate after he was allegedly caught on video during an earlier break-in, in which an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar were stolen. Officers told the news station that both guitars were found in Sourbeck’s home.

Surveillance video aired on WNEP allegedly shows Sourbeck returning to the store Thursday in an attempt to steal more guitars, but this time the suspect was wearing a mask while crawling on the floor in an attempt to evade the security camera.

Sourbeck is being held in Luzerne County Jail and is charged with burglary and other counts, according to the news report.

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