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California deputies wrangle an elephant seal back to the ocean


Living on the coast, you see some weird things- from wacky tourists to wildlife, no day at a maritime-area law enforcement agency is the same.

If that seems hard to believe, just ask the deputies of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputies recently had to wrangle a multi-ton Southern Elephant Seal, who seemed pretty upset that he wasn’t permitted to go cruising along the hillsides of the county.

Busting out flotation devices and a baton, three deputies managed to contain the seal, creating a path to get the big guy back to the ocean.

The heartwarming was somewhat reminiscent of the “white room” scene from George Lucas’s THX 1138, only much less terrifying and dystopian.

“You never know what your day will look like when you put on your uniform,” the agency wrote on their Facebook page. Today it was one of our local elephant seals that needed help finding his way home.

It is unknown whether or not the elephant seal will be filing a civil complaint.

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