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California officers help trapped bear cub escape from dumpster after mom, cub rescue fails


A bear cub trapped in a dumpster wails inconsolably as its mother and sibling root around outside, a Placer County Sheriff’s department video posted to Facebook shows.

The other cub tries again and again to rescue its sibling from inside the motel dumpster, climbing the sides and trying to open the lid, the video shows.

The incident took place Tuesday morning in Kings Beach, California, near Lake Tahoe, deputies wrote on Facebook.

Deputies, who were capturing the failed rescue attempts on dashcam video, approach with a ladder on the hood of a patrol car, the video shows.

“It’s okay,” one deputy says, urging the mother and sibling to move away from the dumpster as the trapped cub continues to wail. “We’re here to help.”

As the bears retreat, another deputy pulls up to the dumpster, blocking it with his SUV, and uses a pole to prop open the lid, the video shows. A second deputy places the ladder inside the dumpster.

“Watch out, because he’s going to pop right out,” a deputy warns.

Both deputies then back their vehicles off as the cub scales the ladder out of the dumpster and scampers off to rejoin its family, the video shows.

“Good job, guys,” calls a third deputy.

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