Home News California students trying to reach suicide prevention hotline get sex hotline instead

California students trying to reach suicide prevention hotline get sex hotline instead


A phone number given to southern California kids contemplating suicide turned out to be a different kind of hotline altogether.

Now, the Lancaster Unified School District is apologizing for providing students at New Vista Middle School with the digits to a sex chat operation as a result of an administrative error.

“Late yesterday we were made aware that the middle school student ID cards have the wrong phone number listed for the Suicide Hotline,” the school district said in a statement sent to news outlets. “The phone numbers have two digits transposed and this is a mistake. The number listed on the card is actually a sex line.”

Parents of the students who’d been given the misinformation told ABC News they were shocked by the mix-up.

“I was just kind of flabbergasted. I was very surprised,” said concerned mom Janene Lavelle.

She called the number and heard what she called “Some recording for, you know, like, hey hot stuff, something, something like that.”

Lavelle posted a warning to other parents on Facebook and word of the sex talk number got around. The number that should have appeared on the suicide prevention information provided to students was 800-273-8255. It’s unclear which numbers were inadvertently transposed. According to ABC, the misprinted cards bearing that number and other emergency contact information were collected from students Tuesday and new badges are on the way.

Lancaster Unified School Districts has not returned a request for comment.

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