Home Animals Coyotes running wild in San Francisco streets amid COVID-19 quarantine

Coyotes running wild in San Francisco streets amid COVID-19 quarantine


Nature is taking back San Francisco as coyotes are seen running wild through the streets.

While many countries have been circulating fake news stories about elephants in China or dolphins in Venice, Coyotes running wild in a California metro area is more than just a scene out of “Collateral.”

The predatory animals are actually pretty common in cities, but are rarely seen walking around without a care in the world.

With the two-week-and-counting lockdown, however, the critters have become more courageous.

On Monday, Twitter user @manishkumar457 shared a photo of a coyote trotting down the sidewalk.

“Coyote on the streets of San Francisco during the coronavirus shelter in place order,” he wrote.

Others reported seeing them in their yards, neighborhoods and parks.

“I went for a walk for fresh air and a group of women called out to me,” tweeted Christina Farr. “They had spotted a pack of sleeping coyotes in the middle of (usually busy) San Francisco.”

Nature always finds a way.

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