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Crow determined to recycle empty bottle


This intelligent crow poses a real example for eco-environment!

While many people think humans to be the “smartest” creatures to live on our planet, when you look at how some animals cooperate with each other, you might begin to question that well known “fact.” We know and we read all the time how smart are cats, or dogs or even horses.

But, have you ever thought about how much birds are smart! We think they are underrated! It’s said that birds are not birdbrains, in the common sense of the phrase, at all. They are intelligent of learning tons of things, including tricks, phrases, and to love their owners just like any other pet. Let’s talk about crows a little bit!

This super-smart crow in the video places the empty plastic bottle in recycle bin on a busy street doing, it is part to help save the planet. How smart is that?

In fact, crows, whom we see as pesky, loud, and sometimes even creepy creatures, are some of the smartest animals out there. They are able to complete complicated puzzles that even human children and primates cannot finish. Those little brains of theirs can hold quite a lot of information!

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