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Deputy pulls driver because he’s swerving, discovers giant pig in lap


A deputy with the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office in Minnesota got a swine of a surprise recently when he pulled over a driver only to find the man holding not one, but two pigs on his lap.

Sgt. Jason Foster was dispatched to a complaint of a motorist swerving on a highway, KMSP-TV reported. When Foster stopped the truck, he discovered the reason for the man’s distracted driving: a rather large pig sandwiched between the motorist’s body and the steering wheel.

The driver also had a second pig on his lap. The man told Foster he put the pigs in the cab because he didn’t want them to get cold, the report said.

Foster sent the man off with a warning but not before snapping a photo that the department shared on its social media pages Tuesday (March 26). Needless to say, officials cautioned motorists not to drive with a pig on their laps.

Later in the day, the Sheriff’s Office teasingly asked followers whether they’d managed to spot the second pig, which is a little difficult to see.

Can you find the other piggy? Need some help? See below:

The second pig found riding on the lap of its owner is hiding underneath the larger pig.

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