Home Comedy Dreaming puppy literally sings in her sleep

Dreaming puppy literally sings in her sleep


The owner of this nice dog realized that his pet began to make strange noises, he thought that his collie had already awakened, but his surprise was great when he saw his puppy still lying on the couch sleeping but this was singing even while asleep, his owner seemed very adorable what he saw so he wanted to record the particular scene, which brings out a laugh to anyone.

What do dogs dream about? According to scientific research there is evidence that dogs dream of activities that are common to them.

Dogs are likely to dream similarly to humans, repeating the everyday activities that make up their existence, such as chasing, playing, and eating. For example, perhaps when the dog barks or grunts, it probably means that he is reliving a memory of a situation that led him to bark or grunt in real life.

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