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Family lets pet alligator do the honors at gender reveal



– This Tampa couple got a little help from their gator friend
– They say the gator is part of the family.
***Florida, you never cease to amaze me*** WPTV

Posted by Mike Trim WPTV on Wednesday, June 12, 2019

When the Wright family decided to share the gender of their baby, they planned a very Florida reveal party.

For their 10th child, Stacie and her husband Chad had the usual balloon filled with powder. But unlike other reveals they let their pet alligator, Amos, do the honors.

Though it took some coaxing before Amos chomped down, as soon as the pink powder explodes from the balloon everyone breaks out in laughter. In the same moment Chad seemed a little disappointed as he drops the pole that the balloon was dangling from and walks toward the chuckling.

Amos has been apart of the Wright family for nearly twenty years and it’s fitting that Chad works as a wildlife trapper the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation.

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