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Florida man calls 911 to say he got scammed, but they arrested him


Unwritten rule when you get ripped off: call the police.

Except, of course, in certain conditions.

According to West Palm Beach police, a homeless Florida man called them on March 22 to report he had been scammed out of $500. But the man, identified by police as Jon Omer Sengul, told responding officer Gregory McDonald that he offered four occupants of a room at the Days Inn Motel at 2300 45th St. the money to come to his room and have sexual relations with him.

No one came. That’s when Sengul, 50, called police to report the theft of his $500.

“Sengul began to make incriminating statements,” McDonald wrote in the probable cause affidavit. The officer said he halted the interview and read Sengul his rights.

Police say Sengul agreed to tell his story afterward anyway.

“I clarified with Sengul that he was telling me he solicited another person for sex _ and he confirmed that he did,” McDonald said in the report. “Sengul said that he called the police because after giving the individuals the money they did not come to his room to engage in the aforementioned sexual relations.”

Sengul was arrested and charged with purchasing the services of a prostitute. Court documents show this was his first offense. He was released on Sunday after paying a $500 bond. A hearing has been set for April 29 in Palm Beach.

There is no indication that police made any contact with any of the individuals accused of taking Sengul’s $500.

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