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Florida man caught on camera pooping in stranger’s driveway


A Florida homeowner wonders why a stranger pulled into his driveway, defecated, used his own shirt as toilet paper, left the excrement and the dirty T-shirt behind and headed into the night.

“He could have drove himself right toward the left in the fence toward the coconut tree and do what he wanted to do there — that would be no problem,” Wilton Thomas told ABC News. “But in my driveway?”

Thomas was at work Sunday night when the bizarre hit and run happened, but video taken by his home security camera recorded the instance. He got home late and decided to deal with the mess in the morning.

“I went in the hot sun, scraped it up, poured it into a bag. I poured bleach, and then I hosed and washed the whole thing off,” Thomas said.

According to Thomas, he’s sympathetic that the defecator’s options may have been limited when nature called, but he would like an apology.

Broward County cops are reportedly investigating the incident.

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