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Good Samaritan revives stunned squirrel



Somewhere out there, scampering around in the trees north of Minneapolis, is one lucky little squirrel that owes its life to a young man in a hoodie named Chris.

The two met as squirrels and humans often and sadly do: Chris whacked the squirrel with his car.

Police officers in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, weren’t sure what kind of scene they had rolled up on when they came across Chris’ car stopped in the middle of a road, the driver’s door wide open. They were making their routine patrol on Sept. 25, according to WCCO in Minneapolis.

With a body camera rolling, the officers got out of their squad car to take a look — and saw Chris hunched over something at the curb.

What happened next became a video called “A Squirrel Tale,” posted Thursday on the police department’s Facebook page. The video had been shared more than 4,000 times as of Friday morning.

“Is he giving it CPR?” one of the officers asked incredulously as they saw Chris, wearing a glove on one hand, doing what looked like compressions on a squirrel lying flat on its back.

“I kind of ran him over a little bit,” Chris told the officers as they walked over to him. “Yeah, so you know, trying to help it out.”

One of the officers asked a detective-level question: “Is he squished anywhere?”

“No, I kind of swerved a little bit,” Chris said.

After they tried to figure out if maybe one of the tires had hit the animal, or it was just scared, one of the officers told Chris to flip the squirrel over.

“He’s coming around now,” one of the officers said.

“We’ll put you in for a life-saving award,” joked the other.

Then boom!

“THERE HE GOES!!!” one of the officers yelled as the squirrel took off like a bullet train. “You saved his life, dude!”

With big grins, the good Samaritan and the two cops high-fived one another. One of the cops asked his name and he said “Chris.”

At the end of the video, police punctuated the happy ending with Gloria Gaynor’s disco hit, “I Will Survive.”

People who have watched the video are showering young Chris with accolades and heart emojis, and thanking the police for sharing such a feel-good story:

“What a kind heart.”

“What a totally awesome young man.”

“That lad is gonna remember this all his days, amazing feeling he’ll get every time he thinks of that squirrel dashing off.”

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