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Kids form search team, locate missing 97-year-old woman



A group of neighborhood kids is being hailed for harnessing their gumshoe skills and jumping on their bikes to find a missing woman.

The alert went out via helicopters flying low overhead, blaring an announcement about Glenneta Belford, 97, a local woman with dementia who had wandered away from home and been missing for two hours.

“Recently she’s been known to hide or hunker down in a location,” Roseville, Calif., police said in a Facebook post Monday. “She was last seen wearing a red button-down shirt and white pants.”

Residents and police alike turned out to comb the streets of Roseville, about 20 miles northeast of Sacramento.

But one team stood out. In true Nancy Drew style, four buddies — Kashton, Hope, Mackenna and 10-year-old Logan Hultman — sprang into action.

“We were playing at my house and we just wanted to go to the park, and we just saw police officers through the whole school,” one of the children told KOVR-TV in Sacramento. “We thought something bad happened.”

When they heard the announcements issuing from the low-flying choppers overhead, the four jumped onto their bikes and started riding.

“I learned that he and the kiddos were out at the middle school looking,” Alyssa Hultman, Logan’s mother, told “Good Morning America.” “I’m really proud of him.”

The mission was not without mishaps. At one point Logan’s bike sailed over a bump as he flew downhill on a path, and he was knocked off. The four retreated, temporarily.

“We came all the way back and my brother patched me up,” Logan told KTXL-TV.

Afterward they got right back on their bikes and soon found Belford a few blocks away, in some bushes, according to KOVR.

“She was right here, and she was walking and she was talking to herself,” Kashton told KTXL. “And then when we came, she said, ‘No, no, no. Go away, go away, go away.’ ”

Hope, 11, called 911, and police arrived seconds later. Belford has since been reunited with her family.

The kids were ecstatic.

“When they came back home running in, so excited they found her, I got so emotional,” Hope and Kash’s father, Daniel Claiborne, told “GMA.”

Soon afterward, the junior sleuths’ feat became public.

“This is a great example of our exceptional community coming together to lend a helping hand,” police said on their Facebook page, with a photo of the young heroes. “This proves a great point — age is just a number, and anyone can help out in a time of need.”

Police also expressed gratitude to the neighborhood as a whole.

“When our officers arrived on the street, they were overwhelmed by the number of residents out of their houses, looking around the neighborhood,” the cops said.

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