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Man accused of attempted kidnapping on subway gets beaten hours later, insists he was trying to save her



Unwitting viral video star Sonny Alloway, seen lugging a young girl off a Bronx subway against her will and later taking a beating for his efforts, is hopeful of a little time away from the spotlight.

“I mean, listen: Honestly, I’m at a crossroad in my mind where I’m like, ‘Do I even want to continue to be here in the Bronx?'” Alloway confided Wednesday in a one-on-one sitdown with the Daily News.

The 48-year-old father of five, who lives alone on the first floor of a borough house, insists he’s the victim of a bum rap created by a misleading video clip. He was acting as a good Samaritan, not a sexual predator.

“I mean, let’s really think about that: I’m going to carry her from the train station over here, kicking and screaming, and no one is going to notice that?” Alloway asked rhetorically. “That’s usually what happens in the world. You just go with the video and you take it for what it is.”

Alloway found himself in a world of trouble one day earlier in what he insists was a misunderstanding perpetuated by the video showing the teenage girl screaming as he hoists her out of a stopped train in the Bronx.

“What the f—?” the girl howls. “Let me go! What are you doing? Let me go!”

Alloway, sitting inside a messy Bronx residence overstuffed with boxes of clothes, said he was only trying to rescue the unidentified teen from an abusive boyfriend and her own drug use.

“So I’m sitting there now,” he recounts. “I’m confused. I’m like ‘What the hell is going on?’ Why is this girl screaming ‘Help! Help! Help!’ when she just said she wanted to get off of this train?

“So I just let it go.”

Alloway said he was attacked three separate times after the subway video went up online and before police arrested him hours later. He was treated at St. Barnabas Hospital for bumps and bruises inflicted in the beatdowns, including one that became a viral video itself as he was punched and kicked in the head.

He’s hoping for a rematch with his tormentors: “I definitely want to put a boxing match together. Any of them who wants to step in the ring with me, if they can knock me out they’ll get $5,000.”

Though initially charged with unlawful imprisonment, he was turned loose when Bronx district attorneys deferred prosecution to allow for more time in building a case.

“I’m pretty sure that people who know me know that this is bull,” he declared. “Everybody who knows me will tell you, I go out on trains and give away scarves, gloves. I gave her some gloves.”

Alloway, while waiting to find out if the criminal charge will stick, is considering a return to his home borough of Staten Island. The folks out there, he said, are all “about each other.”

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