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Man looking like a ‘zombie’ tries to break into woman’s Myrtle Beach home


David Wetzel
The Sun News (Myrtle Beach, S.C.)

Savannah Brotherton witnessed “the walking dead” in what she called the “scariest moment in my life” Friday night.

A man “covered head to toe in mud” approached her Myrtle Beach home and began slamming his body into the door multiple times before falling backward onto a railing, which he leaned over flailing his arms and shaking, a video from her home security system shows.

He was “throwing his body at my door while I was on the other side ready to defend my own life in my own house,” Brotherton told The Sun News. “He was tweaked out.”

Myrtle Beach police responded and found the man lying in a ditch after the unsuccessful attempt to break down Brotherton’s door; and officers determined the “best course of action was to transport him to the hospital” rather than make an arrest based on his status, Cpl. Thomas Vest said Saturday.

“Scariest moment in my life defending myself in my own home,” Brotherton said, adding that she had just put in the doorbell security device two days prior.


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