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The Masters golf tournament bans the phrase, “Dilly Dilly!;” Bud Light’s ‘King’ has epic response


Earlier this week, golf’s prestigious Masters tournament leaked a list of phrases the crowd was banned to say. Some of this year’s banned phrases include, “sweep the leg Johnny!” and “Activate the glutes!”

However, the one phrase, other than “Annika Sorenstam loves trapeze,” that’s getting a lot of attention this year is the ban on “Dilly Dilly!” – the phrase made popular by a series of hilarious Bud Light commercials.

Apparently, yelling “Dilly Dilly!” at the Masters this year will get you a guided tour of the Pit of Misery. After news of banned phrase reached the marketing department or ad agency for Bud Light, they not only took it in stride, but had an epic response in the form of a tweet that showed a decree issued from the ‘king.’

“Hear ye, hear ye” it begins before identifying security staff at the Masters as “guards of the Green Jacket” who plan to remove spectators from the premises that utter the beer company’s viral phrase.

So instead of fans being able to cheer on their favorite golfers with catch phrase, the ‘king’ has ordered his ‘royal tailors’ to make 1,000 Dilly Dilly shirts to be handed out at the tournament. If they can’t speak it, they can wear it.

Little did the Masters tournament organizers know their banning of the phrase would be equal to such a huge amount of free advertising for the beer maker considering all of the attention it’s now getting.

Below is a list of other phrases that have reportedly been banned, like “RIP Harambe.”

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