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Mister Rogers is the new ‘sexy’ costume for Halloween this year

The “nicest neighbor” costume from Yandy comes with a red top, necktie and grey shorts.

Fred Rogers is a national icon, a symbol of decency, kindness and wholesomeness that has inspired thousands of people. His life and work has been documented in an award-winning documentary and soon in an upcoming movie starring Tom Hanks.

So, with Halloween just around the corner, what better way to celebrate his legacy than with a sexualized version of his iconic outfit?

OK, we can think of many, many, many better ways to celebrate his legacy, but apparently one clothing manufacturer could not.

The company Yandy, which makes women’s lingerie, swimwear, dresses and costumes, recently unveiled a version of the classic Mister Rogers outfit that leaves little to the imagination.

Dubbed the “nicest neighbor costume,” for $60 you get a red, long sleeve crop top with a v-neckline, a white detachable collar with a black tie, and matching high waisted gray shorts with belt loops. For an additional $12.95, you can get two hand puppets resembling Daniel Tiger and King Friday, and a grey vinyl wig that is great if you want to look like a store mannequin from hell.

Yandy is no stranger to courting controversy. In 2018, the company released a sexy version of the outfit worn in “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Negative reaction to the outfit was swift and led to the company removing it from its website.

But hey, if a sexy Mister Rogers is not to your taste, there’s another wholesome PBS icon that you can sexualize via Yandy: Bob Ross.

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