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Ohio State Trooper of the year reunites boy with stuffed animal dropped on Ohio Turnpike


What started as a loss of a cherished childhood possession ended as a small but meaningful act of kindness after an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper reunited a plush toy with a young boy who dropped his ‘booboo’ out a car window on the Ohio Turnpike.

Facebook user Leah Sharkey shared the story on social media Sunday, writing that her son was screaming “mommy my booboo,” before she pulled over to realize the toy wasn’t in the back seat of her car. A few moments later, she writes, Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Alex Schlottag, 24, pulled up to her car on the side of the road to see if she was OK. Ms. Sharkey explained that her son had dropped his stuffed animal out the car window. The trooper took down her number and said he would drive around to try to find “booboo.”

The trooper called her 30 minutes later, told her he found “booboo,” and gave her a place to meet. The mother’s post featured a video of the young boy being reunited with his toy and hugging the trooper.

“Thank you so much to officer Alex Schlottag of the Ohio State patrol,” the post read. “You have no idea how much it meant to him and I both, we will never forget this.”

In a separate post, the Ohio Highway State Patrol Facebook page, wrote: “so glad Tpr. Schlottag was able to reunite this little guy with his lost “booboo.” Thank you to Leah Sharkey for sharing this story and these kind words.”

Before Trooper Schlottag’s stuffed-toy rescue efforts, he was named the Highway Patrol Milan Post’s trooper of the year in early December.

“Fellow officers at the Milan Post and dispatchers serving Milan at the Cleveland Dispatch center chose Trooper Schlottag based on leadership abilities, professional ethics, courteous treatment of others, enthusiastic work attitude, and cooperation with supervisors, peers, and the public,” the patrol said in a news release.

Trooper Schlottag joined the Ohio State Highway Patrol in 2017 and has served at the Sandusky and Milan posts. Originally from Sandusky, he is a graduate of Perkins High School, and attended Bowling Green State University.

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