Couple who survives Las Vegas shooting say their newborn is youngest...

Megan Panzera and her husband, Valdo, are celebrating the birth of their first child. He survived the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, while inside his mom’s belly at the Route 91 Country Music Festival

2 Laguna Beach Police officers pay to have Marine’s broken down...

LAGUNA BEACH -- When a Marine on his way back to Camp Pendleton was stranded Wednesday, June 20, along Laguna Canyon Road, local law enforcement stepped up.

Burger King offers LIFETIME WHOPPERS to women impregnated during 2018 FIFA...

Burger King has apologized after saying it would give any Russian woman a lifetime supply of Whoppers if they were able to get pregnant by any players in the World Cup.

Florida man gave 10-year-old on sugar rush Xanax to ‘chill’

Orange City police said an Orlando man faces felony child abuse after he gave a 10-year-old child Xanax because he wanted the boy to "chill."

Phillies fan injured by flying hot dog launched by Phanatic

The Phillie Phanatic has been launching hot dogs into the stands at baseball games for many years. One that the Philadelphia Phillies mascot launched Monday night might have had a little too much mustard on it.

Waitress calls police after customer tries to pay her with her...

An Arkansas waitress running the check for a customer made a bizarre discovery- the credit card he used to pay was one that had recently been stolen from her.

Man discovers a snake hitching a ride on his shopping cart

When Rick Bowers was doing his groceries in Cassville, Missouri, he discovered an unwelcome visitor on his cart.

Couple arrested after daughter was found locked in a cage full...

A welfare check at a Kentucky home resulted in the arrest of Richmond couple, Shannon Felix, 51, and Tito L. Felix, 50, for first-degree unlawful imprisonment and first-degree criminal abuse.

Woman fends off attacker who tried to pull her into car,...

Video released by the Bridgewater Police Department shows a 57-year-old man's alleged sexual assault on a woman jogging Sunday morning.