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Pit bull alerts family to house fire, tries to drag baby to safety by her diaper


An 8-month-old pit bull is being hailed a hero after she alerted her owner that their California home was on fire.

A Stockton, Calif. mom is thankful her “hero pup,” Sasha, acted unusually last week after a fire ignited in a section of her family’s fourplex. Nana Chaichanhda said that the dog was making a ruckus at the back door, causing her to investigate.

“I open it and she runs in and starts barking at me like crazy and I was like, ‘OK, this is weird,'” Chaichanhda told FOX40. “This is not like her.”

Sasha ran to the bedroom of her owner’s 7-month-old daughter Masailah just as Chaichanhda, 30, noticed the glow of a fire in the unit next door, where her cousin lives.

Sasha and the baby have a special bond, Chaichanhda said, so it was no surprise that the pup’s first instinct was to save Masailah.

“She has my baby by the diaper just dragging her off the bed,” Chaichanhda said, “trying to get her to safety.”

Mom, daughter and puppy were all unharmed but their home has been declared uninhabitable from smoke and fire damage, according to a GoFundMe account set up by Chaichanhda’s sister, Christine White. The money will “help not only my family but also Sasha our hero pup start a new life in a new home.”

The family is currently staying with Chaichanhda’s aunt in another unit within the fourplex.

Sasha’s grateful owner said she hopes her heroic dog’s story helps to change the narrative surrounding pit bulls — they they’re strictly aggressive dogs. She said Sasha’s love for her daughter is obvious and that her quick thinking saved their lives.

“She’s in her bed every day,” Chaichanhda told KCRA about Sasha’s affection for her daughter. “They take baths together and everything.”

“I owe her everything,” she told FOX40. “If it wasn’t for her, I would have still been in bed and things could have taken a worse turn.”

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