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Pit bull protecting owner gets bitten in face by copperhead snake



A Tennessee woman said she is grateful for her dog after the pit bull defended her from a venomous snake Monday outside her Nashville home.

Haley McCormack said her pet, Arlo, intervened before a copperhead snake, that was coiled to strike, could bite her, according to a Facebook post.

It was dark as McCormack was returning home from work, and she said she did not see the snake outside her door that was “recoiled back so it was going to strike,” WTVF reported.

But Arlo did.

Unfortunately for the brave dog, he was bitten at least three times after he attacked the serpent, McCormack said on Facebook.

While the 4-year-old pit bull grabbed the snake by its tail and rattled it to death by beating it on the concrete walkway, the copperhead bit Arlo in the face several times, the Tennessean reported.

“Unfortunately it got him three good times before he finished the job,” McCormack said on Facebook. “He showed his loyalty and love tonight in a huge way, beyond blessed and thankful for my indestructible, brave best friend.”

Despite his heroic action, Arlo was not indestructible.

After being bitten, the dog’s face and neck began to swell and he struggled to breathe, according to WKRN.

“He looked like a completely different dog,” McCormack said after the pit bull was bitten on his nose, neck, behind his ear and above his eye, according to the Tennessean. “I had to take his collar off because his throat was swelling so bad.”

He was taken to an area animal hospital where McCormack said Arlo was given antivenin and pain medication, according to the Facebook post.

The prescription includes CBD oil, per WTVF.

McCormack was able to take Arlo home Monday night, the Tennessean reported.

In another Facebook post, McCormack said Arlo was getting lots of rest and pain medication, and there’s a picture of him curled up on a sofa next to a puppy.

McCormack said she has received some negative comments because of stereotypes associated with pit bulls. She is dismissing it.

“This isn’t about breed though, it’s about loyalty and love,” McCormack said on Facebook in a Wednesday post. “The purest form of love; sacrifice. I’m eternally grateful he survived and kept me from going into the ER.”

A veterinarian in Nashville urged pet owners not to waste time getting their animals medical care if they have been bitten by a snake.

“The longer you wait, the more damage that can be done,” Dr. Whitney Long said, WKRN reported.

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