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Reporter gets chased by pig during live broadcast


A Greek reporter was trying to report on flooding, but all he got was a flood of love from a female pig.

Lazos Mantikos, a reporter with ANT1 in Greece, was trying to make a live report Tuesday on deadly flooding in the town of Kineta, but a sow had other ideas. She chased Manitkos around in a scene that could be set to “Yakety Sax.”

Manitkos got little help from his crew or his colleagues in the studio, who just broke out laughing and left him to scamper around on live television.

Mantikos said the pig had been following the crew around all morning, according to CNN. Despite his best attempts to give a sincere report on the devastation, Mantikos couldn’t avoid his new porky pal.

“I can’t stand (still) because it’s biting me,” Mantikos said. He added that he’d seen similar efforts from fame-seeking pigs before.

In sharp contrast to the portly chase, Mantikos’ planned report was legitimately sad. Three people have died as heavy storms flooded Greece, Reuters reported. The town of Kineta has suffered severe damage to its infrastructure.

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