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Runaway cow dodges cops and cars on a busy street as it heads for Chick-fil-A



We’re not quite sure why the cow crossed the road, but we do know there was a Chick-fil-A on the other side.

Athena Hopkins in Noblesville, Indiana, captured the runaway cow on video — and it sure looks like a scene straight from a Chick-fil-A commercial.

In the video posted to Facebook on Saturday, a white cow began crossing a busy street as cars continued to drive by. A cop car with its lights flashing could be seen behind the cow.

Then, as the runaway bovine got about half way across the street, it began to run as it continued to dodge the cops and cars.

“Make a break for it,” Hopkins said. The police car followed the animal as it headed right for the Chick-fil-A.

“Hey is it like a promo for Chick-fil-A,” one man was heard asking in the video. “He’s running to Chick-fil-A.”

It is not known if this runaway is part of the “Eat Mor Chikin Cowz.”

Lt. Bruce Barnes with Noblesville Police said the cow “reportedly escaped from a transport trailer and the individuals responsible for the cow were trying to recapture the animal,” WTHR reported.

It was spotted at about 7 p.m, in Noblesville’s College Parkway near Hamilton Town Center, “blocking traffic as it caused quite the roadblock,” WISH reported.

Officers helped the owners for an hour before the cow was captured, according to WTHR.

On Facebook, the Noblesville Police Department said it got to “run with the bulls” while “chasing this running wild bovine all over the east side.”

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