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So many men get snipped for March Madness that Buffalo Wild Wings made ‘Jewel Stools’


Buffalo Wild Wings was right when it said, “the net isn’t the only thing getting cut this March.”

The restaurant is talking about you, men.

Just imagine it: The doctor-encouraged excuse to take it easy, the college basketball tournament on the TV and a cold drink in your hand.

Oh, and some ice to keep your “jewels” from swelling too much. Maybe from the comfort of your couch, or maybe from Buffalo Wild Wings’ new “jewel stool” created with men getting vasectomies in mind.

Yes, It’s time for “Vas Madness” — the season in March where men rush to get their vas deferens cut.

There’s a likely reason for this madness among men that takes place off the court, according to a recent study.

“In recent years, physicians have theorized that men use the NCAA Tournament as a well-timed incentive to get vasectomies,” Athena health network said in 2016.

And after collecting data throughout 2016, Athena says that “‘Vas Madness’ might be more than a suburban myth.”

The data released in 2017 confirms that if you’re a man looking to take advantage of an opportunity to watch the tournament, you are probably not alone.

During the first round of March Madness in 2016, Athena urologists gave 30 percent more vasectomies than the average week, according to the data. On the Friday before the first weekend of that tournament, Athena urologists snipped 41 percent more vas deferens than a typical Friday.

“An early morning procedure on Friday would leave time to recuperate during what is, arguably, one of the most exciting weekends of the tournament, when the first and second rounds provides 48 games of basketball,” Athena said.

The data looked at 235,000 patient visits, focusing on men ages 20 to 49.

And Buffalo Wild Wings knows its market.

“If you snipped your vas deferens … just so you can binge watch the tourney, we made a stool for you,” the restaurant said in a commercial released last week.

“Come sit on the ‘jewel stool,'” the man in the advertisement continues. “Strapped with a jeweler cooler, it will chill both your jewels and your beer.”

The “jewel stool” will be available at two locations — Times Square and Koreatown, Los Angeles — during the tournament.

But, before you go and ice your jewels with the special cooler, a word of caution:

“We cannot recommend actually using this if you’ve had a vasectomy,” Buffalo Wild Wings says. “Always follow your own doctor’s instructions. Use at your own risk.”

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