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Texas shelter cat “repeatedly” breaks friends out of lockup, gets sent to solitary


A feisty feline that busted its peeps out of cushy kitty lockup and got slammed into solitary by their keepers is the internet’s new “fero.”

“Quilty will not be contained. And he has no shame,” wrote staff at Friends for Life Animal Rescue and Adoption Organization in Houston in a Facebook post that doubled as a tongue-in-cheek cry for help.

“Quilty loves to let cats out of the senior room,” the rescue center continued. “Repeatedly. Several times a day.”

After Quilty arrived a few months ago, where he was housed in the “cat integration” space in the shelter’s cat room, the staff kept finding the door mysteriously opening.

“We would come in in the morning and have to collect all 15 of the cats who had had a blast during the night,” Friends for Life spokeswoman Jennifer Hopkins told CNN.

Deploying their finely honed CSI skills, Friends for Life staff reviewed security footage to see Quilty jumping up and pulling the handle down on the door, ushering his fellow captives into relative freedom in the next room.

Their attempt to “Quilty-proof” the door and lock him in the lobby while doing so backfired completely, at least when it came to PR. Photos of the ticked-off tabby glaring through the door’s glass went viral with support for the cat dubbed “spicy a-hole” by the staff, according to CNN.

“We have since Quilty-proofed the cat room, while he took a brief hiatus in the lobby,” the staff wrote. “His roommates missed him while he was banished to the lobby. They enjoyed their nighttime escapades around the shelter.

The staff, however, did not miss the morning cat wrangling, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree there.”

This was not Quilty’s first foray into the resistance, as CNN noted. He reportedly used to also let his canine sibling out at his previous home, the shelter said. Other than that, he was a perfectly agreeable pet. His previous owner had to move and could not take him, CNN said.

At this point, Quilty’s handlers are as ready to let him go as he is to leave.

“If someone out there is looking for a clever cat that gets along with dogs but does not get along with closed doors, we have someone they really need to come and meet,” the shelter posted. “Please. Come meet him. And take him home. Please…”

Luckily for all involved, Quilty has been matched and could soon be out of kitty purr-gatory, learning to open a whole new set of doors. It cannot happen too soon for the staff, which has logged numerous further escape attempts — with varying degrees of success, at least one of them involving a perp walk back to his kitty quarters — in the comments under their initial post. They also found “baby pictures” — of Quilty as a kitten when they first got him in 2012, when he was first adopted.

Meanwhile Quilty has spawned not only an instagram following but also an entire line of merchandise, such as T-shirts emblazoned with the hash tags “FreeQuilty,” “QuiltyNotGuilty” and “NoMoreDoors,” so he is earning his keep.

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