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Thief strikes ‘Karate Kid’ pose before snatching purse at gas station


COLUMBIA, S.C. — Mr. Miyagi would not be pleased.

Police in Lexington County, S.C., say they’ve identified the man seen on surveillance footage swiping a purse from a car at a gas station and striking a famous pose from the 1984 movie “The Karate Kid” before doing it.

It happened over the weekend at the BP on North Church Street in Swansea, according to a Tuesday post on the Swansea Police Department’s Facebook page. The alleged purse snatcher is seen wearing an orange T-shirt and driving a black Toyota Tundra.

Police noted that the suspect has a “unique” ritual before taking the purse: He strikes the “crane kick” pose used in “The Karate Kid” by lead character Daniel Larusso, who knocks out his opponent in the final scene with the kick.

The man has since been identified, and warrants are forthcoming, according to police. The identity and charges were not available Wednesday morning.

The “crane kick” move seen in the movie is actually not real, according to Darryl Vidal, who performed the move as a stunt double for Mr. Miyagi and was interviewed by The San Diego Union-Tribune in 2008.

“It’s made up,” Vida told the newspaper. “They wanted this one long shot with this leg thing and I said ‘something like this?'”

Police, of course, seized the opportunity to throw some shade the suspect’s way with hashtags in their post: #MrMiyagiWouldntApprove #NotTheNextKarateKid #DontBeNinjaingPeopleThatDontNeedNinjaing.

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