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UK supermarket locks chocolate locked away in security boxes



This is the amusing moment a shopper entered a UK supermarket to buy a midday treat only to find all his favorite chocolate locked away in security boxes.

The clip, filmed on January 6 at a Tesco in Bristol, southwest England, shows the moment shopper Thom picks up various bars of chocolate, all surrounded by perspex security boxes.

“I went into Tesco on Park Street, Bristol and all of the large chocolate bars were being housed in perspex security boxes. It was funny because almost everything else around them was of higher value but had no security. I actually asked the guy at the till and he didn’t know why they were boxed!” Thom explained to Newsflare.

One online commenter wrote: “I work at a supermarket (not Tesco) but from my experience, each store can run things a little differently depending on circumstances. I’m assuming that this Tesco has a high rate of chocolate shop lifters, so this is their solution.”

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