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Underage student caught drinking at bar with ‘McLovin’ fake ID


It was a bad idea — make that a “Superbad” idea.

An underage University of Iowa student was arrested early Friday after police reported he possessed a “fake Hawaii ID with the name ‘McLovin,'” in his wallet.

Cops questioned Daniel Burleson, 20, “while he had an alcoholic drink in his hand” at the Airliner Bar in Iowa City around 12:30 a.m. He admitted to having a mixed vodka drink.

Outside the bar, Burleson showed his real ID which contained his real age. When cops asked him for his fake ID, he denied having one.

Burleson then reportedly shuffled through his wallet in front of officers who spotted the “def’s fake Hawaii ID with the name ‘McLovin'” and a June 1981 birthdate.

Columbia Pictures/Superbad (2007)


In the 2007 film ‘Superbad,” a clearly underage character uses a fake Hawaiian driver’s license with the name McLovin and a June 1981 date of birth.

Burleson claimed he bought the ID “off of Amazon.” Dispatch then “ran a query of the ID which returned no results.” The complaint does not indicate if the officers were aware the ID was a novelty item based off of a movie.

Burleson — who reportedly smelled of alcohol, was slurring his speech and had bloodshot eyes — was charged with possession of a fake ID and public intoxication, both misdemeanors. He was also cited for possessing alcohol as a minor and being in a bar while underage.

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