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Woman admits meth found in vagina belongs to her, along with $6,000 she was hiding



A Louisiana woman who’d initially denied owning the meth found in her vagina has struck a deal with prosecutors. She had already confessed to stealing at least some of the $6,233 that was hidden in the same body cavity.

Ashley Beth Rolland agreed to serve four months at the Ouachita Parish Correctional Center in northern Louisiana in exchange for a reduced drug possession charge, according to the Smoking Gun.

Police came across the stash while searching for “approximately” $5,000 in cash the 24-year-old had reportedly stolen from a man she’d been staying with for a week in July.

Rolland never denied possession of the cash when police snatched her up shortly after midnight on July 31. But when a jailhouse search also turned up a plastic bag containing a gram of methamphetamine, she “denied ownership,” according to a police report posted online. Prosecutors charged her with both crimes last month on Friday the 13th.

The stolen cash charges were dropped as part of Rolland’s Oct. 3 plea deal.

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