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Woman catches her mechanic using her car to run errands and ‘steals’ it back


Penny Ivy Thompson took matters into her own hands after she spotted an employee from her local garage using her truck to run errands when it was supposed to have been getting serviced.

The Mississippi woman claimed that not only did she spot her grey Dodge being driven around town where it was in for repairs, but the driver was tailgating a smaller car, according to auto site Jalopnik. Thompson initially posted her story, with photos, on Facebook, but the posting has been removed.

She said that while following her truck safely, she watched it to turn into a Lowe’s Home Improvement store, then made her move.

“I found my spare key out of my purse and I steal MY OWN DODGE from Lowes parking lot cause ya see I’m a Home Depot kinda girl anyway,” she wrote on Facebook.

After waiting 20-minutes, Thompson said she called Mac Haik Flowood dealership to inform them what was happening and that she was handling it. Finally, the man who’d borrowed her truck emerged from the store.

“Here comes ol dummy… swinging his shopping bag…,” she wrote. “I left him in the parking lot stranded.”

According to the report, the dealership acknowledge the incident, apologized profusely and claimed they fired the employ and suspended his boss.

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