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Woman charged with theft after caught wearing another’s dentures


Stealing dentures is not a bite idea.

But that’s exactly what an Indiana woman did before walking into a probation meeting this week wearing the stolen dentures, according to the Jennings County Sheriff’s Office.

The victim contacted police on Monday to report that Joann Childers had stolen her prosthetic device and was “wearing them around,” the sheriff’s office said in a viral Facebook post.

That same morning, a deputy investigating the incident spoke with a probation officer who said she had just met with Childers. The officer said the suspect was wearing dentures “that clearly were not hers,” authorities wrote in the post, adding the hashtags “#thatsnasty #whytho #getyourown.”

Police said they went to Childers’ home on Wednesday to speak with her about the theft and immediately noticed the stolen dentures in plain view. The dentures had the victim’s name on them.

Childers was charged with theft and the dentures were returned to the victim.

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