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Woman fakes her own kidnapping in attempt to extort money from her parents


A 21-year-old Chelsea woman could soon be charged with trying to extort thousands of dollars from her well-off parents in China, the Daily News has learned.

Yehou He was busted last Saturday after police uncovered her alleged hoax. She posed as a kidnapper and sent a picture of herself, bound and naked, to her parents, and said their daughter would be murdered if they didn’t pay ransom, police sources told The News.

She was initially charged by police with grand larceny. A source said the parents were told they needed to pay $75,000. They agreed right away to $20,000 as a first payment.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office, however, did not file any charges against He and deferred prosecution in the case. The DA asked the NYPD to dig up more information before deciding whether or not to charge He.

The News attempted to speak to He at her Chelsea home, where she appeared to be holed up with an older sister. She refused to open her door but shouted at a reporter through her intercom.

“Yes,” He said when asked if the allegations were true. “But we’re not giving any interviews.

“This is causing us great stress,” she added.

The motive behind the alleged extortion was not clear.

But after her parents were initially contacted by someone they feared had their youngest daughter, they made a panicked call to He’s big sister, Yechu He, 25, who lives in Hell’s Kitchen.

Yechu He contacted the NYPD and was not part of the alleged scam, sources said.

Like her sister, she also wouldn’t discuss what happened when The News tried to talk to her.

“Leave us alone,” said Yechu He. “This is a very private matter. We are not giving you any information.”

Sources said that the picture was far from convincing and looked like the “victim” had tied herself up.

Her apartment on W. 16th was purchased three years ago by her older sister for $780,000.

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