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Woman finds 10-foot python wrapped around Christmas tree


It’s a Christmas tree decoration only the Grinch himself would want.

One Australian woman was in for a surprise when she returned home to find a 10-foot python wrapped around her Christmas tree on Thursday.

Leanne Chapman made the discovery when she and her partner returned home to a ruckus on their balcony, 7 News reported. Her partner then went to take a video of birds that were “going crazy” when he bumped into the tree, without realizing the snake was wrapped around it.

“You don’t really expect to see a snake in your Christmas tree,” Chapman told 7 News.

Chapman told News 7 the python seemed unbothered, and the couple didn’t believe it was going to do any harm sitting there.

The reptile stayed on the tree for a few hours before it slithered away, revealing its size to the couple.

It was big — “really big,” Chapman said.

When the snake slithered away, however, Chapman realized it was “beautiful.”

“It was actually quite nice to see it that close up, because I’ve never seen anything like it before,” she told 7 News.

This wasn’t the first time a snake wound up in an unconventional spot.

In July, a woman woke up to find a snake on her bed in a Tennessee hotel room.

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