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Woman unintentionally bought loaded semi-automatic rifle as baby shower gift



Veronica Alvarez-Rodriguez spent her Sunday trying to find the perfect gift for a baby shower she was going to later in the day.

She didn’t want to break the bank, but wanted something fun that the new baby would love.

Walking down the aisles of a Valpariso, Fla., Goodwill store, she found just that: an unopened $10 baby bouncer.

Later at the baby shower, all the guests were gathered around with smiling faces, waiting to try out the new baby bouncer Alvarez-Rodriguez presented as a gift.

Then everyone was shocked when the box was opened.

The baby bouncer was no where to be found. Instead, inside was a Mossberg 715T semi-automatic rifle, along with a few rounds of ammunition, which weren’t for the rifle.

Instead of baby’s first bouncer, Alvarez-Rodriguez unknowingly bought baby’s first assault rifle.

Alvarez-Rodriguez posted pictures and video on Facebook of her strange Goodwill adventure. She said in the post that the serial number of the gun was clean, meaning the weapon hadn’t been stolen.

Crestview police told her that she could so what she wants with it.

“The gun now belongs to Baby Jonathan who is due to enter this world any day now,” she wrote jokingly.

For now, Crestview police will be holding the gun for 90 days.

Goodwill could not be immediately reached for comment.

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