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Woman mauled to death by giant pet crocodile


An Indonesian woman has been mauled to death by a crocodile that was being kept as a pet by a Japanese national in northern Indonesia, local media reported Thursday.

The huge female crocodile named Merry had been kept for 20 years in a pond in the owner’s pearl farm in Ranowangko village, in the Minahasa district of the North Sulawesi province.

Deasy Tuwo, a 44-year-old scientist working for the farm, reportedly failed to return after going to feed the crocodile on Thursday. When her colleagues went to search for her on the next day, they found some of her body parts in the animal’s enclosure.

The crocodile had reportedly mauled Tuwo’s abdomen, part of her chest and her right arm. It was unclear how she came to be inside the enclosure.

The animal has been seized and moved by the local conservation agency, and police are probing the case.

The five-metre-long, 600-kilogram crocodile was captured and sedated before being lifted by 20 people out of the enclosure.

Tomohon police spokesman Johny Kresyen said the police were still waiting for the results of the autopsy on Tuwo’s remains.

“We have a team heading to Ternate. It is believed that the Japanese man is there,” Kreysen was quoted as saying by Tribun Manado.

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