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Woman tracks thief who stole SUV for 2 days, recovers it herself


A Missouri woman tracked down the thief who stole her car and took it back from her.

Danielle Reno was picking up her daughter at a QuikTrip gas station in Kansas City when her Toyota 4Runner was stolen.

“I got out of my car, grabbed my daughter and my car was gone,” Reno told local CBS affiliate KCTV.

After realizing the car had been stolen, she filed a police report. But she soon decided to search for the culprit herself.

“We stalked this lady for 48 hours. She had no idea what we were doing,” Reno said.

She tracked the location of her phone, which was still in the car, and purchases made on her credit cards. She trailed the thief to a local gas station and an attendant there told Reno they overheard the suspect saying they were headed to Applebee’s.

Reno went straight to the restaurant and waited. It wasn’t long until the alleged thief showed up.

“Got our waters and she walked in the door,” Reno said. “I about had a heart attack.”

She quickly went outside and took her car back, live-streaming the entire thing on Facebook.

“Oh my gosh, so before I call the cops, I wanted to show you all what we just found by doing our own stalking,” Reno said while recording in her car. “At Applebee’s, my heart’s racing.”

After calling the police, Reno drove to a discount store where the accused thief and two other women were arrested.

Unfortunately, Reno’s car was trashed — there was a case of beer in the car seat, her stolen belongings and the thief’s were strewn throughout the vehicle and the back hatch no longer opens. She told KCTV there’s also an awful smell inside.

When the news station reached out to the cops for their thoughts on Reno’s detective work, they said that while they don’t recommend citizens try it, she never put herself in harm’s way.

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