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Woman’s security video of “Dobby” scampering down driveway goes viral


A mysterious clip from security cameras posted outside of a Colorado home seem to show that Dobby of Harry Potter fame is alive and well.

The footage shows what appears to be a small child -wearing flip flops and sporting underwear on his head- lankily running down the driveway before he disappeared from view.

While that would be the most realistic description, the most “magical” suggestion seems to win out: it was Dobby, the elf from Harry Potter.

“First I saw the shadow walking from my front door then I saw this thing,” resident Vivian Gomez said. “Has anyone else seen this on their cameras?”

The post, which generated tens of thousands of reactions and hundreds of thousands of shares, largely reminded people of the doomed elf, who sacrificed himself to save the protagonists of the genre.

“Dobby is a free elf,” one Twitter user said.

According to the Daily Mail, many suspected the footage to be fake, or at least modified.

“Are you sure you’re not pulling our legs?” one user asked.

“How can I fake that?” Gomez replied. “I’m not that tech savvy, unfortunately.”

Some pointed out that the “creature” looks like a kid running around with his underwear on his head.

“If u look at it really close when video is large, it looks like a kid in flip flops and underwear,” a user wrote. “When he gets to the driveway, it looks like he has underwear and shorts or something on its head.”

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